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Want to know more about medicinal trees? Trees and shrubs provide a fantastic source of healing remedies which can be sustainable. On this course you will learn about the therapeutic effects of a variety of native and introduced medicinal trees and shrubs suited to a temperate climate. You will have an overview of the many ways that trees can heal, from aromatic antiseptics to stress-busting tonics. The knowledge gained can contribute to resisting disease and staying well. The course is based on a programme of 10 lessons with explanatory videos, information sheets, and activities such as quizzes or practical tasks. Each lesson focuses on a particular example of medicinal tree benefits ranging from pain control to help for digestive complaints and ways of dealing with stress, and much more. You will be guided by expert tutor, medical herbalist and grower, Anne Stobart. Benefits will include: discovering 30 medicinal trees and shrubs that can be used: understanding why forest bathing is so effective for health: improve your foraging skills for healing plants: learning about the active constituents from medicinal trees; appreciating the risks facing medicinal trees and shrubs: hearing about ways to help a range of conditions from skin complaints to stress; knowing more about using herbal remedies safely: understanding how to get further advice from a qualified herbal practitioner. No special experience is needed for this course, just an interest in health and trees. Several other courses are offered by the Medicinal Forest Garden Trust. If you want to choose medicinal trees to grow then also take a look at our Medicinal Forest Garden Design course, taking you from planning with permaculture principles to successful establishment of a medicinal forest garden. If you are keen to make your own remedies from trees then see our Medicinal Forest Garden Harvest course, which provides guidance on harvest and drying for best quality and sustainability plus recipes for self-help

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Medicinal Trees and Their Healing Properties
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