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Wednesday evenings – 19.00-20.30 UK/Ireland timezone

East: April 3 & 17 – Befriending Place and Opening the Senses
SouthEast: May 8 & 22 – Awaken your Animal Body
South: June 19 & July 3 – Holistic Tracking
SouthWest: July 31 & August 14 – Timeless Wandering
West: September 4 & 11 – Ecological Storytelling
NorthWest: October 23 & November 6 – Our Body as Compass
North: December 4 & 18 – Wild Hearth

NorthEast: January 29 & February 12 – Language of the Birds

Centre February 19 & 26

£450 for the full year
We also offer a ‘Village Building’ 10% discount, bringing the cost down to £405 (see website).

Course summary

Going beyond our human-built homes we find a greater home, that of all of nature and our ecological place within it.
On this yearlong journey you will:

  • learn the tried and tested core routines of deep nature connection developed from the 8 Shields map of distilled indigenous wisdom
  • befriend your place and all of life around you, creating a deep living relationship with the natural world
  • develop a strong felt sense of connection to all of nature, opening a pathway through which you can feel support, receive guidance and ultimately live a fulfilling life with deep trust in your place amongst all of life
  • awaken the ‘ecological self’, the deep knowing that you belong and are utterly dependent on  the Earth

...all within a community of like-minded supportive people


Ecological Homecoming will give you the tools to create a deep, living relationship with the natural world.

The 8 Shields map consists of universal indigenous ways of being that emerged out of living in daily immersive relationship with nature over countless generations. It is a model of regenerative culture and as such is a living system with emergent properties. In order to embody this regenerative culture, and listen for what our bioregions are telling us, we must rekindle our living relationship with the natural world. Ecological Homecoming offers the 8 Shields path of doing this through exploring and embodying the core routines of deep nature connection.

A doorway to open the natural world and cultivate a more intentional and living relationship with it – Muzammal

Moving through 16 calls, two for each of the directions within the seasonal wheel of the year, we will explore the deep nature connection practices associated with that direction. Deep nature connection practices are different pathways within ourselves that when activated create experiences of not only physically connecting but also emotionally connecting to the world around us, simultaneously also creating a deeper connection to self

Participants on the course are also eligible to book onto the in person Village Nature Gathering June weekend in Devon, UK.

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Sky Maria Buitenhuis, Amy Downing,
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