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AVAILABLE TO ENROL ONLINE NOW. Start and study whenever it suits you. Over 15 hours of videos, plus around 50 hours of practical activities which make up your design process.
Full rate: £250.
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If you want to permaculture your garden, allotment, smallholding or other land site, this course will guide you through the process, using a real site design as a case study. The Design Your Site with Permaculture course is new and unique. After teaching over 100 Permaculture Design Courses (PDCs) and selling more than 40,000 copies of his Permaculture Design Guide, Aranya selected the content most relevant to most of us and organised it around a real-life site design process. The course breaks down each part of the process into manageable parts. 

Aranya demonstrates and explains in detail: 

  • What look for when surveying a site 
  • How to make a good site map, if you don't already have one 
  • Simple surveying tools and techniques 
  • How to clarify your design remit or interview a client 
  • How to identify the key functions of any design 
  • How to match your needs to the ability of the site to meet them, then set clear, realistic and achievable goals 
  • How nature provides us with a set of guiding principles for excellent design 
  • A selection of different permaculture tools and techniques, and... 
  • How to use them to choose the best elements to include in your design, and... 
  • How to assemble these into efficient, resilient and effective systems. 
  • How to prioritise activities into an implementation and maintenance plan 
  • How to share your ideas with others in an engaging way 
  • What Aranya and his partner Jules have been implementing on their own site 

The site survey module for example, includes 19 sections, each with its own video, covering topics such as vegetation, animals, structures, soil, water, energy, leaks and limiting factors, microclimates, desire lines and zoning, and more. As you progress through the course you’ll learn how to observe, assess, and then improve all these aspects. 

This course is for anyone wanting to use a permaculture approach to designing a site, whether it be a home garden, allotment, community garden, forest garden, market garden or smallholding.

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Design Your Site with Permaculture
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Practical Site Design
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