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7 weekends and 18 evening calls over the cycle of a year
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Through deeply exploring your own life and inner nature, we will collectively learn and reclaim the patterns of a healthy culture that have been learned through the deep history of humanity.

This online Immersion includes an optional in-person gathering in June, find out more here.

Designed for these profound times we live in, Bringing it Home is an in-depth yearlong journey to rewilding your life, creating regenerative culture, and becoming the humans we are called to be in the ecology of the world. Participants will become part of a focused online group moving through eight  key weekends across the next year, listening to the cycles of nature, and exploring how they affect them and the world.

  • Do you feel the calling to connect more deeply to the flows of the seasons and to the place and life around you?
  • Do you long to be part of an earth-based culture that is guided by natures wisdom and to grow more fully into a healthy, connected leader and community builder? 
  • Do you feel the need or are you inspired to change direction due to the pandemic or other crises taking place on our beautiful Earth?
  • Are you holding space for others in some way, and longing for support to do that more elegantly and easefully?

Find out more about the course here

The journey we bring you on

It takes a village to initiate a whole person. While we of course cannot provide this, it is our desire to create an experience of this, so that you may go forward in your life and bring forth the piece of  re-creating village and community that is yours to hold. Our year-long immersion is a taste, in a broken world, of how we grow into our wholeness through heartful community.  Together we will create a journey where we will explore both how natures cycles are alive in you and how, by befriending these, you can live a more connected whole life, and the life supporting cultural elements from nature-based cultures that have been lost, hidden or weakened in our modern Western society.

Working with the fundamental energies of nature to navigate life, personally and collectively as a society, the Bringing it Home Immersion is a journey of transformative exploration and learning. We deeply value heart-centred invitational learning that has a deep trust in the nature of things that springs from the appreciation of what each of us brings and is able for in each moment, and the beings and processes of our beautiful living Earth that we encounter. While we share deeply valuable wisdom that has been learned and sustained by nature–based cultures throughout human history, it is the openness and willingness of the participants to explore and share how this impacts them that co-creates the transformative journey for all. What you receive from the program is a reflection of what you are willing to give it. While we endeavour to support you for your personal learnings to take root in your life, only you can plant the seeds and take care of your growth where you live, and ultimately you take the teachings from this on-line environment into your family and communities.

Our transformative learning pedagogy engages the mind, the heart, the senses, the deep imagination, the soul and of course your body as a whole integrated deeply intelligent being that somehow mysteriously brings all of this into one, through the story of your life.

Find out more about the course here

This journey is based on the wisdom of the 8 Shields map of wholistic culture, distilled from patterns observed in many land based cultures around the world. More about the 8 Shields


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Sky-Maria Buitenhuis (co host with Peter), Guest teachers - Victoria Mew, Amy Downing, Root Cuthbertson, Miki Dedijer and more
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No apprentice teacher places available on this course
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United Kingdom

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Peter Cow

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