Education Developments

The Education Working Group (EWG) is an essential part of quality education in the UK and internationally.

Our curriculum is used worldwide and our certified teachers register is joined by teachers globally who want to give out our certificates in their country.

The working group play a crucial role in the quality of our education provisions, they support the certified teacher register application process and constantly update our curriculum, adding new curriculum and challenging assumptions held in education.  It is a voluntary group of educators dedicated to improving education.

The following are the latest developments from the Education Working Group. If you have any feedback or questions, please in contact with our Education Lead.


Education Report

The purpose of this report is to give its readers an overview of the recent and planned developments in permaculture education activity involving or influenced by the Permaculture Association (Britain) - and to celebrate them. Then, to consider how the Permaculture Association and the permaculture education movement can continue to progress and improve on these developments. 

The report has been written by Jemma Findley - Education Lead for the Permaculture Association Britain (PAB) by curating many resources across permaculture networks, with support from the Education Working Group (EWG) and Educator members. To contact us about anything written in this report, please email [email protected].

Download the Education Report.


Why should I read this report? 

This report aims to help you better understand your role and contribution to the continuing evolution of the permaculture education movement in the UK and beyond, and its systems, innovations, opportunities and challenges.


Permaculture Design Certificate core curriculum review

The curriculum presented here describes the content that must be included in a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, if a certificate from the Permaculture Association (Britain) is to be awarded.

This latest review is in light of equity considerations. We have updated the curriculum to better reflect the world we live in now. It has been reviewed by external equity partners, the Education Working Group, and is now being peer reviewed.

Read the curriculum document.