Tutors and Diploma Working Group

Tutor Information

If you hold a diploma you can apply to become a diploma tutor. There are 3 levels to tutoring - Registration, Assessment and Senior. Training is usually run annually, often just before the Diploma Gathering so potentially you'll have the opportunity to have some tutorials observed and signed off at the event. If you're interested in becoming a tutor please contact the office.


1. Registration Tutors

These tutors can mentor apprentices, giving them support and advice on their learning journey and technical advice on their design work.

2. Assessment Tutors

These tutors are able to assess apprentices' portfolios and give feedback on their work

3. Senior Tutors

Senior tutors act as mentors to the other levels of tutors, help to set strategy and advise the Diploma Working Group on policy direction and development issues.


Diploma Working Group

The Diploma Working Group are a group of passionate volunteers that oversee the development and future direction of the Diploma. They also help to organise the annual Diploma Gathering by, for example, helping to set the agenda. If you're interested in joining the Diploma Working Group, please contact the office.


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