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The energy demand and waste generation have increased significantly in the developing world in the last few decades with rapid urbanization and population growth. The adequate treatment of the waste or sustainable waste management is essential not only from a sanitation point of view but also due to its economic and environmental values including its potential contribution to energy generation in the developing countries. Many of the developed nations have adopted the approach and strategies of the integrated waste management system (Figure 1) to maximize the waste-based revenues in the form of energy, fuels, heat, recyclables, value-added products, and chemicals along with more jobs and business opportunities. As a result, waste is no longer seen as refuse or discarded material, but an asset or resource to reduce not only the landfill volumes but also the dependency on fossil fuels by generating clean fuels.

Dr. Abdul-Sattar Nizami & Dr. Mohammad Rehan

Envirocities eMagazine

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