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Become a permaculture teacher

Permaculture feels like applying common sense. Become a teacher and feel empowered to reach more people and positively transform people’s lives and society.

Teacher training for standard courses

We know permaculture has answers and this course is for those who wish to inspire others. You can build your skills and confidence through a dedicated course on teacher training. 

Typically, courses are suitable for both apprentices and experienced teachers including those who have recently completed their Permaculture Design course (PDC). 

Courses typically focus on the tools and techniques for teaching and facilitating permaculture learning and the practicalities of convening and  running courses. Courses do not usually revisit the topics covered on a PDC in any depth and so it is recommended that if your permaculture knowledge is a bit rusty that you do some preparatory background reading before the course.

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The Training of Teachers (ToT) is a Permaculture Association Britain certified teacher training curriculum supporting transformative education.

Courses concentrate on permaculture training but the techniques covered can be applied to any other subject and hence the course would be valuable for any teacher wanting to expand their creative teaching techniques. 

The courses are usually participatory and interactive on all levels using plenty of diversity in teaching styles. Courses look at the whole process of running a course – from finding a venue and course publicity to evaluation and follow up.

Courses usually include micro-teaching from the learners to practice and build confidence.

Topics included in teacher training: 

  • Setting training objectives 
  • Training design 
  • Teaching methods 
  • Preparing training sessions 
  • Training tools 
  • Training needs assessment 
  • Games and energisers 
  • Facilitation skills 
  • Micro-session preparation 
  • Presentation skills 
  • Rapport building 
  • Convening courses 
  • Course design 
  • Learning methods 
  • Assessment and evaluation
Permaculture Teacher Training

Would you like to learn online? A new online course, using Rosemary Morrow's tried and tested handbook

We want to support more teachers to become senior and certified, offering quality courses. 

To learn more, check our course listings page. 

Specialist teacher training courses

There are a number of lead educators offering specialist teacher training courses either for particular approaches and frameworks (e.g. Cultural Emergence, Think like a Tree, Forest Gardening) or for particular audiences (refugees and asylum seekers).