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Take an introductory course with the Permaculture Association Britain!

Working in collaboration with world learning permaculture teachers, we have created an online Foundations of Permaculture Course. Explore our teacher-led and self study courses now.

Introductory courses usually run over a weekend or 2 day period, but they are often flexible and can be in one day or over evenings. An introduction to permaculture gives you the opportunity to find out about the history of permaculture. You will also explore permaculture ethics and principles, design tools and case studies.

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Usually, this course includes practical sessions to create an interactive learning experience and you will be given a taste of how permaculture design can be applied in your everyday life, through a short design exercise. You will get the opportunity to work as part of a group - it’s a very sociable and enjoyable experience.

At the end of this course you will understand the relevance and application of permaculture, inspiring and empowering you to start thinking and practising permaculture in your daily life.

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“The Introduction to Permaculture is an affordable way for people to explore permaculture and enables them to learn about it before committing to a permaculture design course (known as a ‘PDC’). It gives the student the basic knowledge of permaculture but also starts the flow of a creative process to help them change the way they see the world and to reframe and broaden their thinking. It gives them an insight into the fundamentals of permaculture whilst discovering new techniques they can use in all areas of their lives. It inspires them to confidently start to put into practice the theory they have learned.”

We have developed an introductory level course with the help of our experienced network of educators in the UK, and supported by the Education Working Group. This is an online course, which comes in a self study or teacher led format. 

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