Foundation to the Diploma:

Certificate in Applied Permaculture Design

What is it?

Dip your toes into the diploma programme without committing to ten full designs. Sign up for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and complete two designs to be assessed and ready for presentation. 

If you are new to the Diploma system then you will require an Induction session with a tutor. You have the option to have additional tutorials as well but that isn't a requirement. 


Different routes to get your Certificate

Design of Pennerley Gardens

Apprentices enrolled on the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design

As soon as an apprentice has their first two designs assessed as ‘ready’ then they are eligible to receive the Certificate, provided they have met the minimum payment requirements.

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New apprentices

It’s possible to sign up to just do the Certificate, or to sign up to do the full diploma but then opt to receive the Certificate as an important milestone. Once the foundation is complete then at this point apprentices can choose whether to continue with the next eight designs to complete a full portfolio, or to stop there. 

children round campfire

Specialist diploma courses

Group diploma adventure & Children in Permaculture practitioners course
These are separate courses through which apprentices are led through the process of completing two designs.

What is the process for achieving the Certificate?

  1. Find a Diploma Tutor on the Tutor Register and let them know you are signing up for the Certificate.
  2. Registration onto the Diploma programme with the Permaculture Association, and payment of the minimum amount as listed below.
  3. An apprentice submits two designs to the tutor who assesses them.
  4. Once the designs are signed off as ready then the tutor notifies PAB that the apprentice has completed the Foundation Diploma by sending the summary assessment form to the office
  5. The Diploma Coordinator will record on their database that the apprentice has completed the Foundation Diploma
  6. An electronic certificate will then be emailed to the Tutor, who will then present it to the apprentice. 

What are the payment options for the Certificate? 

  • Sign up to the current Diploma system with a monthly Direct Debit until the two designs are assessed and passed.
  • The minimum period to be registered with the Permaculture Association will be 4 months. This currently costs £48 (4 months x £12).
  • The monthly payment does not include any tutorials or assessment fees, these are paid directly to your tutor.
  • The payment covers administration time by Permaculture Association staff, membership and the cost of the certificate.


What are the payment options for tutoring and assessments?

  • All tutoring and assessment work is paid for separately directly to the tutor.
  • As part of signing up to the programme you will choose a tutor to work with.
  • Fees for these activities can be found in the Fees Guide for the diploma programme.
  • If you are new to the Diploma system then you will require an induction session with the tutor.
  • You may also wish to receive design support tutorials whilst you are signed up for the programme. These are optional but recommended
  • There will also be the two design assessments to pay for.

Do I pay extra if i continue onto the full Diploma?

If you are new to the system and only signed up to the Certificate then you will need to inform the office and continue paying the monthly Diploma fee to move onto the full Diploma programme.

If you are already enrolled on the Full Diploma and wish to receive the Certificate after your first two designs are ready, then you can do that without paying anything extra for the Certificate. You just continue paying the monthly instalments as before.