How would we be as a culture, if instead of being worn down daily, (hourly!) bombarded by news of all that is going wrong, we were daily reminded of our connection to Earth, to each other, to Infinite Space?

What if we were to daily tap into the Wisdom flowing within us, the Intelligence that has created all life in such diverse abundance?
What if we were to uncover the Visions that are ALREADY THERE of the Kinder World we KNOW is Possible?
How would we look at each other?
How would we feel about each other and Earth?
What sort of a culture would we create?
How would we feel about ourselves, knowing our own intrinsic place as part of the whole?

Choose Your Grooves is a daily 10 minute podcast where we choose to focus with that shimmering inner knowing and re-establish habits of thought and emotion that uplift, inspire, empower and activate us into living in joyful expectation of the good things coming.

Listen to ther first episode here: http://chooseyourgrooves.com/cyg-podcast/

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