Ecosystem Restoration Communities


We envision a fully-functional, peaceful, abundant, biologically diverse Earth brought about through cooperative efforts for the ecological restoration of degraded lands.


To work together to restore ecological functionality (natural infiltration and retention of all available rainfall and moisture, fertile organic soils and returning complete vegetative cover of trees and grasses) to designated areas and to build “Research, Training and Innovation Centers for Ecological Restoration” to engage people in inquiry into ecological restoration, to train people in existing techniques and for the innovation of new techniques for restoring degraded lands in perpetuity.


We believe that all beings are equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights. We voluntarily, joyfully and with peaceful intent wish to restore basic ecological function so that all people and other living things can live together in harmony. We choose to work together to restore the fundamental ecological integrity of the Earth and to train large numbers of people to do this so that methods learned can be adopted throughout the world.

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