ARTICLE : Waste Management: Moving Forward with Innovation by Christine Rudolph

As waste management evolves through awareness among general public, efforts within the industry, and waste management becoming not just an environmental concern but a political and strategic apprehension too, the industry grows with advancement and innovation. Innovation gave birth to revolutionary and self-sustaining ideas within the industry, which earlier focused on basic waste management is now growing in ways of maximum utilization and management of waste. The dynamics of the industry focus more on ethics of sustainability of life and the planet itself. In the past few years, after the waste management becomes a matter of political significance, strategies and agendas were particularly devised to address the issue. Seeing this, the industry has responded with more innovative and advanced ideas to disposition of waste in an environmental friendly method.


Why Waste Management?

Given the growth in population, the changing patterns of consumption and expansion of urban living, the need to properly manage waste is becoming a challenge throughout the world. According to a World Bank report; throughout the world, cities produce around 1.3 billion tons of solid waste every year. This whooping figure is expected to increase to 2.2 billion tons, by 2025. Ever wondered, what the future holds if no actions are t

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