ARTICLE: Sustainable self-build homes - a likely future for Welsh developments? -

•   Policy points to low-impact future
•   Home and caravan designed to tread light on the land  
•   We need to stop being 'passive consumers' - architect

The Welsh Government's One Planet Development policy is a forward-thinking approach to driving a move towards more sustainable lives. We spoke with Mark Waghorn, lead architect of the Mark Waghorn Design practice in South West Wales, about the challenge of meeting stringent environmental standards, and encouraging lower consumption. 

The policy is about Wales' aspiration to live within its global means within a generation. Waghorn explained:

“Management plans have to be submitted showing how you will use local resources, grow your own food, manage waste – and the dwelling has to be removable. It's a radical approach about minimising environmental impact, and it's not just about CO2. It assumes all the world's resources are shared equally and pushes you to live within your means. You have to include information about consumer purchases and transport as well.

“It's suitable for individuals, couples or families, and is perfectly achievable using current building methods and technologies. There have been six or seven applications approved so far.”

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