ARTICLE : Nature, biodiversity, ecosystem services and well-being

    • A recent paper by Sandifer et al (2015) explores the opportunities to enhance health and biodiversity conservation.

“Exploring connections among nature, biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human health and well-being: Opportunities to enhance health and biodiversity conservation” 


  • Evidence links biodiversity to ecosystem services (ES) and health to nature exposure.
  • A few novel studies link biodiversity exposure to improved health and well-being.
  • We provide a comprehensive summary of health effects of ES, nature and biodiversity.
  • Future research should address causation of health benefits and action mechanisms.
  • New multidisciplinary collaborations are needed to enhance health and conservation.


We are at a key juncture in history where biodiversity loss is occurring daily and accelerating in the face of population growth, climate change, and rampant development. Simultaneously, we are just beginning to appreciate the wealth of human health benefits that stem from experiencing nature and biodiversity. Here we assessed the state of knowledge on relationships between human healt

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