REPORT : Food Security and Farm Animal Welfare by (CIWF) Compassion in World Farming

"An increasing share of the world’s cereals and other crops are used to feed intensively reared livestock, primarily to produce meat to feed people who have more food than they need. In a world where nearly one billion people experience hunger, this is an inefficient system, so why is further intensification of food and farming being proposed?" (CIWF report)

Compassion in World Farming commissioned new independent research to find out what types of livestock systems would be best suited to feeding the world population in 2050. The study shows that continuing to intensify the farming of livestock is likely to increase pressure on food security in all regions, particularly in those where food security is already problematic, such as Africa and Asia. Extensive livestock farming often creates better food security than intensive farming. Extensive farming helps reduce competition between people and farm animals for high quality grains and high-grade arable land.…

Lewis-Brown, Emily
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