Pastures for profit: A guide to rotational grazing

This bulletin covers the basic princi- ples underlying all types of rotational grazing. Management intensive rota- tional grazing will be emphasized because it offers a number of advan- tages over both continuous grazing and less intensive rotational systems. These include:

■ more stable production during poor growing conditions (espe- cially drought),
■ greater yield potential,
■ higher quality forage available,
■ decreased weed and erosion problems, and
■ more uniform soil fertility levels.

There are many names for intensive rotational grazing: Voisin grazing, Hohenheim grazing, intensive grazing management, management intensive grazing, short duration grazing, Savory systems, strip grazing, con- trolled grazing, and high-intensity, low-frequency grazing. Although each
term implies slight differences in man- agement, they all refer to some sort of intensive rotational grazing system.

Undersander, D et al.
Cooperative Extension Publishing, University of Wisconsin-Extension
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