Percival Alfred Yeomans (P.A.) was born in Harden N.S.W. in 1905, eldest son of a family of four. In 1928 he married Rita Irene May Barnes, also of Harden. They had three children; Neville born in 1928, Allan in 1931 and Ken in 1947. Rita Yeomans died 1964 and the two original Keyline properties at North Richmond N.S.W. were sold to pay death duties.
P. A. Yeomans married Jane Radek in 1966 and they had two daughters, Julie and Wendy.
Following this marriage he undertook the design and construction of a different concept in cultivation equipment. He solved the need for better equipment than the chisel plow to deeply loosen soil without bringing up the subsoil. This equipment was the first rigid shanked vibrating sub-soil cultivating ripper for use with farm tractors. It is many times more efficient than a chisel plow, and is able to loosen more soil to a greater depth using less tractor power.
The Prince Philip Design Award officially recognised the breakthrough success of this equipment in 1974 when P. A. Yeomans Pty Ltd received this coveted award for the Bunyip Slipper Imp with Shakaerator.
Manufacture of the Bunyip Slipper Imp eventually passed from P. A. Yeomans Pty Ltd to the Yeomans Plow Company, which is now based at Molendinar in South-east Queensland. This company is owned and directed by Allan J. Yeomans the second son of P. A. Yeomans. The equipment has undergone further developed including some landmark design breakthroughs and has been renamed the Yeomans Keyline Plow.
P. A. Yeoman devoted much of his latter life time to consulting, advising and lecturing on Keyline planning for which he has received requests from many parts of the world.
P. A. Yeomans passed away, aged 79 years, in November 1984.

*by Allan Yeomans

Yeomans, P. A.
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