Research Handbook and Training

The research handbook

The Handbook is aimed at those with some knowledge of permaculture but no research background who want to undertake a permaculture research project, whether as diploma apprentices, undergraduates, volunteers at our office, or just for fun.

“Research” can be a scary concept, bringing to mind lab-coated figures staring intently at test tubes. In truth, however, research is all around us. In fact if you are taking the permaculture design process seriously, you are already a researcher!

In the Handbook we use the SADIMETS model of the design process to explain the research sequence, but it doesn't matter which model you use, as long as you get the essence right. We have overlaid the SADIMETS model with another loop: the 'action research cycle'. The two cycles closely follow each other. We have structured the handbook using this overlay of the two processes. In seven straightforward steps (survey, analyse, design, implement and maintain, evaluate, tweak, and share) the handbook will guide you through the research process from your first project idea to a written final report.

We offer the Research Handbook as a free resource, but welcome donations to support this and future research projects.



Permaculture Research Training

We hope that soon we will be offering introductory training in permaculture research. We are currently seeking funding to support this activity.