Projects Support

This initiative has been going since 1992, and has primarily been used as a way of supporting projects to attract funding from trusts and charities that only give grants to registered charities.

Group members of the Association can apply to the trustees to work on behalf of the Association. If accepted, this allows the project to fundraise for specific activities with the support of the Association. Projects must demonstrate clear education and research benefits for the Association, for members, and the wider public, as well as good management, sufficient skills and experience. Two Association members also need to provide endorsement for the proposal.

If you want to work with the Association in this way, please first call the office to discuss with the CEO.

Applications are now dealt with by the AMPPs sub-committee (Approval of Member Projects and Proposals), on a quarterly basis, unless there is an exceptional reason to process an application faster than this. See end of this page for downloadable application and guidance forms.

Projects we have supported so far

The Jajarkot Permaculture Programme in Nepal (now closed) was the first project we ever supported in this way. Since then we have helped a wide range of projects to attract funds for their permaculture work, including: