Hardware is the term used for the physical devices used in information technology.

Examples of hardware are a Laptop, Scanner, Digital Camera, Mouse, Printer, Keyboard, CPU (Central Processing Unit), VDU (Visual Display Unit - often referred to as a 'screen' or 'monitor') a Hard Drive (Also known as data storage unit, or some people call it 'Storage Memory'), RAM (Random Access Memeory) and Processor. There are many more specific items, perhaps a digital sketching pen or sound equipment and so on.

Computer hardware is notorious for fast-paced development, particluarly during the preceeding decades 1990s-2000s, computers were renowned for being out of date within a few months.

This incredible pace of design and development caused a heightened consumption of computer related materials and technology, however it also means there is an abundance of cheap secondhand, perfectly good computer Hardware available at present.

Computer Hardware can be very expensive. Thank fully it is possible to find good quality hardware for very little money, second hand. Online auction sites can help you with this, or have a look and seek advice from our colleagues in the many independent PC/Mac repair shops. They will be very pleased to help, and can offer advice if you describe what you intend to use it for.

A good example of a second hand PC laptop that is low priced and has a good reputation as being robust and effective is the 'HP Compaq nc6400' with an Intel Core2 Duo processor - although it's best to seek expert advice. This model is particularly abundant as it was the standard issue business laptop for many large corporations, but these laptops have now been surpassed, making them surplus to requirements and in abundance, hence very cheap. 

Secondhand laptops can be bought as refurbished units, with a warranty, for as little as £50.00 in the UK. It is possible to find them being sold for as little as £3.00, but you may need to employ the services of a friend/shop who can help you refurbish the item.

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