Group work

For most of us, our best experiences of permaculture have been enjoyed with other people, whether as a members of a cooperative, class, convergence, business, online group, local association, or casual get together. This section suggests some techniques to further improve our group working and learning.

In this category...

Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution is the art and science of finding creative ways away from the pain and distress caused by differences arising from insults, criticism or complaining.

Consensus decision-making

Consensus decision making is a way of reaching group decisions which everyone can at least consent to even if it is not their preferred approach.

Facilitation skills

Facilitation is about helping the group to have an efficient and inclusive meeting. It's also about making sure everyone can be involved in discussions and making decisions.

Meeting methods

Permaculture meeting methods draw on the permaculture principles to create ways of working which are inclusive, diverse and productive.

Open space

Open Space Technology is a methodology, developed by Harrison Owen, for meetings in which there is (1) complexity, in term of the tasks to be done or outcomes achieved; (2) diversity, in terms of the people involved and/or needed to make any solut