Permaculture Magazine

Permaculture Magazine, solutions for sustainable living

This is run by Tim and Maddy Harland at Permanent Publications, a venture of Hyden House Ltd. An excellent quarterly magazine with a range of interesting and practical articles. Winner of the 2008 Queens Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development. Highly recommended for both beginners and old timers!

We work closely together with Hyden House and have an official co-publishing agreement in order to support the development and production of new permaculture books. This supports our charitable objectives of increasing public education and disseminating research. Recent books include Ben Law's The Woodland Year and Patrick Whitefield's The Living Landscape.

If you would like to support future publications please contact Andy Goldring at the Permaculture Association or Maddy Harland at Permanent Publications.

To clarify, subscribers to Permaculture Magazine are not automatically members of the Permaculture Association. If you are not already a member of the Permaculture Association and would like to support the permaculture network, please join us!

The magazine started its life as the newsletter of the Permaculture Association -  Permaculture News. By 1992 it was clear that it would need commercial freedom in order to flourish, which is exactly what has happened. After much hard work Permaculture Magazine is now firmly established as the leading sustainability magazine.