Permaculture Ambassadors local gatherings

As part of the Permaculture Ambassadors project we are supporting Permaculture Association members to hold local events.

Events should meet the following aims:

  • People meet and network, and share knowledge and good practice of practical solutions and permaculture thinking/design.

  • More people are engaged with the Permaculture Association and are working towards local ‘hives’ of Ambassadors, who support and train one another in order to share permaculture. 

  • Powerful stories are shared about: your own work and projects, about your gathering, and your work towards creating a hive.

We have supported 15 local gathering events to run in 2018 across the country and a further 8 will run in Spring 2019. This year, members will be holding events in Nottinghamshire; Scotland; Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire; Cardiff and Pembrokeshire, Wales; Birmingham, West Midlands; and Plymouth, Devon. They range from building a compost toilet to apple tree pruning, creating edible gardens, film nights and site tours. Keep an eye out for updates and how you can be involved in ones happening near you.

Applications are now closed for this particular funding, but we hope to be able to provide more in the future.

The support available

Up to £350 is offered for your event.

This might help towards venue hire, food, transport fund, accessibility (childcare/activities), a limited amount of organising time, printing publicity materials etc. 

We are offering to:

  • Promote your event through Permaculture Association communication channels: social media, online events listing, members’ bulletin, communicating to local members.

  • Answer your event organiser enquiries by email.

  • Provide links to people with specific expertise in your region or subject area, where possible.

The full support is only available to members of the Permaculture Association, for events in the United Kingdom (due to our grant funding restrictions).

The application form contains guidance as well as questions.

Considerations when organising an event

Would you like to organise an event? Here are some excellent guides to help you:

REconomy how to guide - events toolkit

Transition Network - Planning and putting on events guide

Event success

Read this case study of a local gathering in north Somerset that brought people together for an evening of chat, habitat creation and great food.

The Permaculture Ambassadors project is supported by grant funding from Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, as part of the Sustainable Future fund.