Kintyre Bioregional

Developing rural livelihoods in Kintyre

Me and my partner Carina are directors of Local Bioregioning Community Interest Company. Our aim is to develop rural livelihoods in the areas of food production, woodland management, biochar production and land restoration.
We operate on three sites.
The first is a productive large garden on a windy site overlooking the Atlantic, growing a lot of soft fruit and apples as well as veg. We live in a newish timber-frame eco-house and garden which we designed ourselves. This the main Permaculture Learning and Network Demonstration site. We host Intro, PDCs and open days at the site.
Our garden treats and saves all rain, grey and black water in situ using wetlands, ponds, swales and a scrape. The site is very windy so we have planted extensive shelter belts; these belts are maturing and it is good to see a wider range of plants being able to grow in the forest garden areas. There is a built-on greenhouse and large circular shed with a green roof.
In true Gaelic tradition we look to the sea for fish, seaweed (for eating and mulching) and inspiration. We live in an ancient Bronze Age and Neolithic landscape which has been farmed for thousands of years. There are rock art sites only a field away.
The second revolves around a 40 acre ancient coastal Atlantic oak woodland site, which we purchased in 2016. It is a site of Special Scientific Interest. We are implementing a design which combines conservation, ecology and permaculture. Priority has been rhododendron removal (largely succeeded). The next is grazing management - to this end we have put up a deer fence. We now need help monitoring vegetation change as well as scything bracken to keep paths open.  So, if you are interested in woodland management, this is the place for you! It has a comforrtable cabin on site. 
The third is a community garden known as Tarbert Community Healing Garden, in the grounds of Tarbert Medical Centre. It is run entirely by volunteers and has been going for nearly 15 years.
We are close to a swimming beach, have a sailing dinghy, canoe and spare bikes.
Ed is a certified Permaculture educator and Diploma tutor. He did his design course way back in 1994. Ed specialises in landscape observation and bioregions. Carina is a village G.P. (doctor).

How to arrange a visit: 
You are welcome to come and volunteer in return for bed and board. We will integrate you into our WWOOF set up.
Sustainable transport options: 
926 bus from Glasgow
Ed Tyler
Ron Mara
North Beachmore
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United Kingdom
07799 898369
Type of project: 
Charity / Social Enterprise
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