The Meditation Foundation

We are a Department of Health supported Social Enterprise offering simple, modern, evidence-based, non-religious Meditation and Mindfulness courses & retreats (including at our own centre in France). We focus solely on:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Education
  • Community & Society
  • Business

Our courses are offered to the public direct and we also work with GPs; healthcare providers; educational institutions; social/community groups; private and local authority health clubs and businesses.

As a Social Enterprise and a Community Interest Company, all revenue from our courses supports our work and research into the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. This includes the provision of subsidised courses to certain groups such as Armed Forces; Carers; Emergency Services Workers etc - as well as helping us to introduce our services into to hospitals, addiction clinics, prisons etc. 

Our overall aim is to provide every member of society with an easily learnt skill that empowers them to improve their health, wellbeing, lives and surroundings - as well as the wider community.

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