Environmental Education Media Project

Please also refer to John D. Liu’s research: www.knaw.academia.edu/JohnDLiu

Our Mission

Dedicating ourselves to learning how natural Earth systems function and to freely share this knowledge with everyone on Earth

Our Goal

Creating a future without poverty, in a world with intact ecosystems

Our Values

Caring for all living things
Enjoying life; grateful for the privilege to live, learn and to serve
Treating all people equally without discerning ethnicity, gender, age, place, social status, belief or political affiliation
Fostering collaboration with like-minded individuals throughout the world
Striving to live these values
Forgiving each other, especially ourselves, when we are not always able to reach our highest aims

Our Methodology

Using scientific method to study, understand, communicate and demonstrate evidence-based solutions to our humanity which is facing serious ecological and environmental problems.
Producing excellent communication materials in the service of environmental education.

What is at the heart of the EEMP?

The EEMP recognizes the problems facing humanity and their root causes and disseminates information about well tested experiences and solutions through film and multimedia-presentations (lead by John). The EEMP, foremost John D. Liu has made himself available for communicating about these critical problems and solutions, roving around the world constantly to reach new audiences with these yet rarely clearly outspoken truths. As he travels, he discovers yet more case studies of (land) degradation and restoration, and this feeds into a continuous interplay of ecosystem-related scientific learning and practical interventions with learning partners. The EEMP then captures and leverages visual imagery and explanations (translated into many languages) to present to governments and international agencies, policy makers and different interest groups to not only show how it is possible to restore the earth’s terrestrial ecosystems, but to flesh out the countless benefits that logically follow for human wellbeing.

Why is visual presentation so important?

Anyone who has studied biodiversity knows, the myriad of things and processes which make up an ecosystem is only the entry point of learning of yet of another myriad of interconnections and inter-dependencies. They are evolving together in geological and evolutionary time, a time frame that to us short-lived humans is hard if not impossible to imagine.

The view point of a camera can be deployed at different points of development to document often startling changes in rather unexpected short periods of time. Just even five or ten years are sufficient to proof that restoration can happen within our lifetime.

Once understanding evolves, governments, interest groups and not least at all, business communities recognise the benefits (including economic ones) of re-evaluating of how we go about things. We all can clearly perceive what has been happening to ecosystems with the onset of the industrial revolution. We all will find us to accept that business as usual is not an option. Visual presentation of positive change becomes powerful catalysts of action and positive change.


We offer to share our materials, may it be for a screening at a local school or university, as part of your course materials or for an event you are organising, please contact ([email protected]). We are happy for people to use our materials and help spread this very important message:

Ecological restoration at planetary scale is the way forward.

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