Earth Kind Community

We are a small group of Permaculture practitioners, growers and teachers who came together during the International Permaculture Convergence in Epping Forest UK in 2015. We are involved in permaculture both in the UK and in India. Permaculture has become our lens through which we look at life, live and laugh, learn, and share.

In view of the magnitude of current human and ecological crises, we strongly feel that synergistic, bottom up and top-down solutions are all needed for transformative change.

We founded Earth Kind on our passion for Permaculture and its core three ethics for Earth care, People care and Fair share.

We are a registered Community Interest Company in England and Not for Profit organization dedicated to enabling Permaculture learning using a multidisciplinary holistic “whole system” approach for mitigating the climate, nature, and health crises by bringing diverse and nature-based & community focused solutions to deliver the change.

We believe there really is no success without involving communities and many of the global challenges can be addressed by starting out locally through involving and creating meaningful connections and engaging our communities to be part of the bigger picture for the global effort to address: -

Catastrophic Climate change

Rising diet related ill health

Widespread declines in our wildlife & loss of biodiversity

Mental health & Social Isolation

Earth Kind partners with various health, social and environmental organizations to create circles of connection that provide an intentional, guided space to come together, engage in authentic conversation, and explore heartfelt and embodied practices to create new cultures of connection, belonging and social change. 


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Shah Badyari
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