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stakeholder neurodivergence


Monday 29th April, 12.30pm- 2pm


Are you neurodivergent and have you been involved in permaculture or the wider movement? We would like to understand more about your experience, and if you have experienced marginalisation in Permaculture spaces. becoming a more inclusive organisation, reducing barriers and making permaculture more accessible for all.


We are looking for folk who are neurodivergent and have some experience in permaculture but have experienced barriers in access, practice and delivery due to their identity. We would like to offer a complimentary membership to anyone who joins the Zoom session. 


Earth care, people care, and fair share is for everyone. A permanent culture needs to be fully inclusive to remove systemic oppression, and violence against people and nature. The Permaculture Association Britain wants to help create a future where everyone is safe and welcome. We need to listen, learn and understand other people's perspectives and barriers. Through that dialogue, we can understand and then shift the culture to better reflect a more harmonious society.

This session will be co-hosted by Tammi Dalliston, who has developed courses designed to support neurodivergent learners and runs inclusive permaculture spaces at UK festivals


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