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This event is free to Permaculture Association members and £6 to non-members. Members, visit the Campfire space or check your emails for the Zoom link.

A story of remarkable individuals and organisations whose commitments to eco-conscious living are shaping a sustainable future for our planet.
Lumbie, founder of JB Dondolo, and author of 100 Voices for Our Planet, is on a 7-year mission to collect 100 stories about people who are passionate about protecting the environment. Through her work at JB Dondolo, they provide access to clean water, with a specific focus on enhancing the health and economic opportunities for women and girls in underserved communities with special attention on the African continent.

Lumbie will take us through the UN’s Water Action Agenda, and share some of the fascinating stories she has uncovered. By sharing stories from all corners of the planet, Lumbie is working towards a shift towards individuals to begin living an environmentally conscious lifestyle as a means to save our Planet.

Guest Sonono, permaculture designer, educator and PAB member was recently featured in the UN Report, 100 Voices for our Planet. Guest joins us to share his inspiring story about his revolutionary work in Zimbabwe running a 1.5 acre Permaculture Demonstration site, raising chickens, growing vegetables and herbs, a rainwater harvesting system and sharing his work in his community and developing a food forest.

Guest, chicken expert, has published two blogs on chickens in a permaculture garden here:

Hear more about Guest’s work in Food Forest design in Zimbabwe here

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