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Permaculture is much more powerful when we collaborate with others. Yet, how can we collaborate and make decisions together when we've been conditioned in top-down cultures of domination? What could be a more mature approach, despite the temptation of individualism?

And what about our emotions and bodily experiences? Can they be a gift in working with others, rather than an obstacle to fight against, marginalise, or a driver that runs the show?

In this exploratory workshop, which may be more about unlearning than learning, we will open a conversation on some of these key questions. We will discover together what makes healthy, collaborative decision making in small groups and teams, so we can work more effectively together.

(Dr) Muzammal Hussain is an experienced Facilitator and Permaculture Designer specialising especially in social permaculture and organisational change. He has also completed numerous training and applications in group work, community building and conflict transformation over the years, including intensives in Process Work and World Work.

Muzammal has spent many years applying and refining consensus decision making processes especially in activist settings. He has also completed the 10-week Sociocracy Leadership Training with Sociocracy for All, focusing on the practical application of dynamic governance, distribution of power, accountability, and consent decision making.

Muzammal has advised a range of organisations, such as mainstream NGO's as well as radical cooperatives, and is a Board member of Peace News. He also started the UK's first local Islamic eco-activist group, in 2004 (now called Wisdom In Nature), which is centred in a process-oriented approach.

Muzammal is also a qualified medical doctor and has worked in NHS psychiatry over more than 12 years in both in-patient and community mental health settings. Additionally, he is an experienced Emotional Breakthrough Therapist, helping clients meet and process anxiety, mood and trauma experiences as a doorway towards wholeness.

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