Eastern Permaculture Gathering Confirmed workshops: 

Daniel Hilton - Yurt Making 

Hannah Thorogood - Regenerative Agriculture

Hannah Thorogood - Summer pruning

Claire White – Scything

Daniel Boyce – Healthy Growth - can permaculture be mainstream?

Graham Elliott – Food preservation

Chris Southall – Extending the Growing Season

Steve Marsden – Gift Economy

Bob Mehew – Diploma Session

Ben Margolis – Torture Victim Project

Deano Martin- Small Scale Grain Growing

Eric Nelson- Oak Tree Farm Design

Sarah Partridge - Part 1 Building Sustainable Lives project at Orchard Barn – talk and slideshow

Sarah Partridge - Part 2 Building Sustainable Lives project at Orchard Barn – sourcing materials onsite and working with wattle and daub

Plus we'll almost certainly have something on: Sustainable Bee Keeping, Biodynamics, Orchard management and Felting

Other activities include Yoga, Reiki and Aromatherapy.

For updates see our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/EasternPermacultureGathering?ref=stream

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