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When Looby and Emma commenced the latest Mother Nature Project back in 2021 they knew they were going to be part of writing a book about leadership, nature connection and mothering and after 2 years of careful nurturing and crafting by the 5 authors, we are really excited to announce it is finally ready to share with the world!

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Meet the Authors

The authors from left to right....Jana Lemke (Germany) , Ági Berecz (Hungary), Sara Galeotti (Italy), Emma Gorbutt (UK) and Looby Macnamara (UK).

Mother Nature authors

About the book and who it is for

"We wrote this book to empower mothers to discover the transferable skills gained through mothering, and to reclaim their power to be leaders. To find their own ways of transforming their families, communities, and through that our Earth. Moving towards regenerative ways of living, by consciously being a new kind of leader that the world needs.

Even if you do not have children this book is for you. Motherhood qualities show up when you support someone or create something and nurture it, learn from it and grow with it through challenges, even if it is not a human child. So please do read this book and take what works for you, and apply it to your personal leadership and life journey."
Mother Narure participants
Mother Nature podcast

Mother Nature Podcast

Seasons 1 to 3 of the Mother Nature Podcast - Over 30 episodes, hosted by Looby Macnamara and guest hosts Lara,Emma, Agi, Jana and Cecilia, will inspire your motherhood journey by sharing women's circles stories, interviews with professionals, and nature connection practices. We also explore mothers as natural leaders, sing songs and talk about everything in between

Mother Nature Leadership Card Deck 

The messages on the thirty two cards in the deck are built on a structure based on care. We mothers care for ourselves, our families, our communities, and for our larger Home, Mother Earth. Through this care we step into our leadership as we want to support and grow what we have.

The four themes appearing on the cards are the following:

  • Mothers as Natural Leaders focuses on leadership qualities of mothers acting as change makers bringing forth a sustainable world culture
  • Nature connection, an element for grounding and healing, vital for self care practices and a gateway to our reconnection with the rest of Nature
  • Dealing With Our Eco Anxiety, touching base with our controversial feelings for Planet Earth in the times of ecological crisis
  • Going Green brings us to the topic of green lifestyles, providing options for mothers and leaders moving towards environmentally sound ways of living 
card deck

The card deck images were painted by Eszter László, Hungarian artist, naturalist healer and mother. She illustrated the first Mother Nature Journey card deck, developed by the international Mother Nature team, and published in 2020. There is also an online guide book to go with the card deck. 

The Mother Nature Project is run in collaboration with the Permaculture Association Britain.


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