Fascine Causeway Design

The design uses brash (surplus small branches and twigs left over after coppicing) bundled in fascines to increase or create bog or wetland water storage and access routes into those areas.

The design's primary function here at Penrhos is to increase water storage, both in soils and open pools, which in turn offer opportunities for conserving and increasing wetland biodiversity. As a consequence, the system supports ecological services to improve the quality of the water. By including willow in the fascine bundles, which will root and grow, the system generates the resources to further enlarge it or create another causeway. There is also an element of carbon sequestration as the fascines remain waterlogged and their decay is slowed down considerably. The causeways function as access routes and hence offer the chance to develop food production from aquatic and wetland plants and by including soft fruit prunings in the fascines, a variety of species can be rooted and grown along the edges.

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