IPEN’s core objectives will be updated in 2019. The initial objectives we have been working to are to:
  1. Survey and map existing global permaculture education activity, resources and assets - the results of our first international survey of permaculture education are available here
  2. Establish an Education Resource Bank, serving multiple languages, including open-source publications at introductory and advanced levels - a new, improved website will be launched early in 2019, and initially we have set up a resources page here: education resources
  3. Support the development of learning and demonstration centres globally, and effective networking between these centres - our initial pages on this objective are availabe here: iLAND Centres
  4. Create new and improve existing education resources (books, short films, posters) and their accessibility, including Curriculum Guides for existing and new courses - we have started by creating new Case Studies and providing access to other useful resources here
  5. Support the development of new, creative, appropriate core courses, and strengthen Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course standards, post-PDC and Diploma systems, and national / regional permaculture education systems in general - we are involved in various activities to advance this objective, with more information to follow when the new IPEN website is launched in 2019
  6. Create and improve measures and positive feedback systems to continue to enhance the effectiveness, positive impacts and benefits or permaculture education - we will be working on this in 2019
  7. Address all of the above across multiple target languages - this work is ongoing and will be assisted by the new website