Our approach

Our approach is ultimately to consult and engage as widely as possible. We want all permies everywhere to have chance to shape our future. There will be several stages in this, leading up to (and beyond) the IPC UK in September 2015.

The consultation will take many forms and is very much an iterative process. The diagram below outlines the stages of this over the coming year.

Stage 1
Understand where the main permaculture organisations are located, what they are doing and interested in doing, what is going well and could be shared, and where the challenges and learning opportunities lie.

Responses to this will inform the second stage.

Stage 2
Develop surveys and workshops which will consult as broadly as possible.

Stage 3
From the preceeding surveys and workshops:

  • Identify areas of consensus and develop as proposals for discussion.
  • Highlight areas of contrast at a global level which may have regional or thematic consensus and could be developed into proposals for those groups.
  • Highlight areas where we all have different ideas and opinions and suggest proposals where we might "agree to disagree".
  • Stage 4
    Open online discussions to debate, modify and (hopefully!) agree the proposals

    Stage 5
    At the next IPC, in the UK in September 2015, the results of these surveys and discussions, summarised as proposals, will be presented for approval and action.

    Stage 6
    Work on making our proposals a reality!