Permaculture has been practised in Africa for over 30 years, with ongoing and effective projects mainly situated in Southern and Eastern Africa.  Central and West Africa has seen a rapid increase in interest for and development of permaculture projects more recently.

Fambidzanai in Zimbabwe is the longest running project and has led to the establishment of Schools and Colleges Permaculture Education (SCOPE), which became Regional SCOPE (ReSCOPE) in 2007 and is now based in Malawi. ReSCOPE supports permaculture projects to take permaculture into formal education systems.  The Malawian government has funded a pilot project to bring permaculture into primary schools. 

Permaculture in Africa is linked in to the wider sustainability network through organisations like PELUM , which has networks across Southern and Eastern Africa.


Picture below: "Kerrtita" or Tukul no 6 at Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge, Konso, Ethiopia (