An Introduction to the UK LAND Network

Discover an inspiring network of environmental learning and demonstration centres in the UK.


An Introduction to the Swedish LAND Network

Discover an inspiring network of environmental learning and demonstration centres in Sweden.


Garden Cottage, Scotland, a productive forest garden

Misha Tsarchinska explores Graham Bell's forest garden, one of the most productive small gardens in Europe.


Henbant, an innovative hill farm in Wales

Matt takes us to meet his chickens, pigs and cows and explains his permaculture farming system.


Bec-Hellouin Farm, Normandy, France

After showing us around France's premier permaculture farm, Charles Herve-Gruyer explains his vision for a world transformed by small farms and gardens.


Food Forest in an Eco Glamping Village, Bled, Slovenia

Learn from Jan how a greenhouse and tiny food forest provides the food for a glamping site and restaurant.


Volunteering in Bulgaria

Mali explains why a volunteering programme at environmental learning and demonstration centres is the next step on her permaculture journey.


A Community Growing Together

Sean Clay reveals how refugees, the disabled and the lonely all grow together at Scotswood Garden, Newcastle, UK


Scotswood Garden, a thriving community garden in Newcastle, England

Karen and Chris invite you on a walk through a garden that's been at the centre of the local community for 30 years, and explain how their work gets funded.


Hyde Park Source Community Garden, Leeds, UK

Mary Brennan explains how they provide a garden and a community for people who have neither, right in the heart of the city.


A Mediterranean Food Forest on Sicily

After just four years, John Kaisner has transformed a rocky hillside into a productive and climate-resilient Garden.


Ridgedale Permaculture Farm, Sweden

Richard Perkins introduces his large commercial permaculture farm, and explains his successful business model.


The Many Aspects of Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Ireland

Veronica Ryan introduces Cloughjordan Ecovillage, Extinction Rebellion Ireland, Riot Rye Bakery and The Middle Country Cafe















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