Friends of Permaculture

The Permaculture Association has launched a new Friends of Permaculture scheme

We're asking for your help to raise funds.


It is a simple way for you to make a small contribution each month. You can be confident that you are helping to get work done. We won't bother you with endless publicity emails or post, you'll just get the great feeling of helping.


We aim to support the next generation of permaculture activists, working in communities facing the multiple challenges of poverty.

The first year of the Friends of Permaculture Scheme will focus on learning and observation. We want to build funds, interest and practical support to help disadvantaged communities thrive with permaculture. There are some brilliant examples of work across the network that are doing this.

The first stage is to pull that learning together and be really clear about how we can support that over the long term. We are encouraging people to give financial support through the Friends of Permaculture scheme.


We want to grow a movement. Read more about the Friends of Permaculture scheme here.

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