Our friends at Permaculture magazine offer teachers & students the following great support:
A free back issue of Permaculture (one for each student). All we ask is that overseas courses cover the price of postage.
You and your students will receive 30% OFF all books published by Permanent Publications (our publishing arm). You can view a complete list of titles here: www.green-shopping.co.uk/books/pp.html
10% off all other books, DVDs, tools and products featured on the Green Shopping website (www.green-shopping.co.uk). To minimise administration and to enable us to offer these discounts, we ask that the order is collected and placed on behalf of everyone by one person (yourself or one of the students) with one set of card details and sent to one address. 
We hope that sounds exciting. If you need any further information please email [email protected] for further details.
Do keep in touch and remember to send us details of your forthcoming courses in advance so that you don't miss our deadlines for the magazine and for online. Again send [email protected] all permaculture course details, do send the details as far in advance as you can.