Winter Vegetable Growing with Richard Higgins

Specialist - Forest gardening
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This unique course shows the theory and practical of how to grow abundant veg in tunnels at three levels,for winter harvesting. Also on raised beds without digging them - this week is planting/sowing week (moon planting). Some revolutionary system techniques in HERTFORDSHIRE in the Green belt of North London with Richard Higgins, Richard has cured the arthritis in his arm, after a serious motorcycle accident, by his growing technique! Yes, it sounds unbelievable but it is absolutely true. He may even show you his compound fracture and skin graft! Site planning, ground water management, plant selections, planting with copper tools. Planting fruit trees and bushes and now veg into our Forest Garden. Taking strawberry runners from our three tier polutunnel. Course covers a sneak preview of 'composting at optimum efficiency' to produce your own potent fertilizer so you can avoid ploughing, digging and green manuring on any land type. Moon planting rules covered and print outs available for you. How to reduce (eliminate) pests and disease without chemicals or sprays of any kind (and without ducks and frogs!) How to re-mineralize your food crops and stop taking supplements. The best veg growing books are available here.
There is a prize for any slug or snail you can find on our raised beds.

Course includes all v/v meals and refreshments
This is a one day course for £60 each.

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07983 439 171
Well End, South Herts.
£.60.00 each
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Richard Higgins
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Course starts at 9.30am - 4.30pm includes theory and practical but all low tech! based on extensive micro-organic life in the soil. We can put right any situation that is lacking with the micro-organic system. Probably the most effective and most productive vegetable growing system (Farmers of Forty Centuries). Full directions sent upon receipt of your booking. Please use email: [email protected] to book as we have web site problems right now.
10 September 2013
Richard Higgins NDA, PDC
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