Water and Earthworks Advanced Course with Rico Zook in Spain

Advanced Design Skills
Summary information

This course will have a focus on Water and Earthworks, which we will than expand upon to understand its foundation for so many other aspects of working with the land. The learning experience will be dominantly hands-on with multiple projects throughout Can Lliure. There will be some in class time for advanced design learning, and some specifics about the various systems we will be installing and working with.
All physical land systems are literally grounded in the earth. The Water and Earthwork aspect of this course will look from the micro to macro scales of understanding about water and landscape for designing, working and shaping the earth as the foundation for regenerative systems; The centrality of water and landscape will weave together other systems that are part of creating a holistic farmstead, as well as more dense human habitations. These will Include Forest Gardens, Garden systems and design, Infrastructure in Design and Farm, and Roads and Paths.
Water: mineral, resource, living, precious and political
The watershed perspective
Patterning in water and earthworks
Keypoint and keylines: conceptual understandings and practical applications
Earth structures: hand-built and working with machines
Ponds: siting, construction, creating an ecosystem, full site perspective
Water in the built landscape, urban and suburban situations
Water and Infrastructure
Forest Garden design and implementation
Advanced Design strategies and techniques
The course brochure with more infos can be viewed here
Pictures of the site can be found here
The current initial evolving site design of Can Lliure can be found here

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350 Euro
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1 May 2018
6 May 2018
Rico Zook & Roman Eisenkoelbl
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