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course runs from 4pm on Friday to 1pm on Sunday
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In agriculture and horticulture we care for plants and animals in the context of the farm or garden as a wholeness within bigger ecological systems. This leads to the idea of a farm as an organism with its own organs and where the parts influence the whole and the whole influences the parts . There is one element that is physically present in every organ, every organism, and that is water. In this workshop we will seek a greater appreciation and understanding of water and water quality. We will do this in a direct and experiential way. How does it show itself in the land, how does it reveal its nature in movement and form. We might then ask what is good water ? Can it be seen as a source of nourishment? as a medicine?

This will inevitably lead on to questions about how we handle water in different situations but hopefully we can avoid the prescriptive and cultivate a feeling for appropriate ways of working with it. The weekend will include many interactive flow experiments , observations of the way water flows at Huxman’s Cross. There will be a presentations and discussions on the farm organism and around the idea of a 3 foldness in water.

As far as we know this sort of workshop has not been done before so the whole event will be an experiment . We trust the water will speak a little into this space and we look forward to hearing seeing what it says.

Simon Charter and Kai Lange
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