Teachers Training Course: An Advanced Course on Facilitating Holistically

Teacher Training
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This dynamic and interactive course offers comprehensive and powerful teaching methodology distilled from Robina’s 25 years of teaching experience in 10 different countries in Permaculture and Community Development. She was one of Doug Crouch’s mentors early in his journey and the two are excited to reunite and continue to work together, this time in sunny Portugal instead of Oregon or the South Island of New Zealand. Doug’s input is based off of his six years of full time teaching along with project development over the last 15 years in 11 different countries.

Furthermore, this course is for Permaculture design course graduates who want to develop their skills as holistic educators and take steps towards leading courses internationally. The techniques learned enrich oneself to become an empowered, dynamic, and effective educator. This translates to any teaching field whether it be PDC’s or short courses on the myriad of topics that encompass Permaculture. Furthermore it is relevant to both experienced and aspiring teachers as we wish to mentor you just as Robina did for Doug.

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Henrik Ellerbrock
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27 July 2015 to 1 August 2015
Robina McCurdy (New Zealand Elder) and Doug Crouch
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