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This two-day course will consist of practical sessions on surveying slopes and defining contours, with the aim of helping the development of the Summerbottom permaculture site at Broadbottom, near Hyde, Cheshire. Organised by the Northern School of Permaculture, the course will run on Saturday 19th and Saturday 26th of March 2022,

On the first day, we will use basic surveying techniques, including those using equipment constructed entirely on-site out of commonly available materials (no batteries required!). Participants will get “hands-on” experience with this equipment. We will also be introducing some of the 20th Century versions of instruments such as the dumpy level and the inclinometer (still no batteries required). We will look at the various ways of establishing levels and contours on the site, leading to a layout for swales and diversion drains for future implementation.

You will learn how to construct and use an A-frame with a plumb line; a simple water level, a dumpy (optical) level as used by builders, and other instruments to establish contours across the site.

This will be followed by a day on the 26th of March where we will look at various ways of mapping the survey results.

Activities are led by Angus Soutar along with colleagues from the Northern School of Permaculture. More details and a booking form are provided on our website.

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19th of March - Surveying. 26th of March - Mapping. Each day runs from 10 am to 4 pm.
19 March 2022
26 March 2022
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1 Summerbottom
SK14 6BP
United Kingdom

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