Sociocracy Management Course (SMC) Urubamba - Sacred Valley - Peru 23 to 27 May 2018

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What is Sociocracy?
A quick answer to the question, What is Sociocracy? is that sociocracy is both:
A social ideal that values equality and the rights of people to decide the conditions under which they live and work
An effective method of organizing collaborative and productive organizations as associations, businesses, and governments, large and small.
Sociocracy It is a governance system designed to protect and apply the values that democracies cherish. Unlike current democracies, it is also a governance structure designed to make sure those values will be applied as equally as possible for everyone.
- Neighborhood Organization:
Processes and principles from sociocracy have been used to organize neighborhoods: sociocratic elections, linked circles and grassroots power. The biggest organization of neighborhood circles is currently was organized by Father Edwin John in India: the neighborhood parliaments and the children’s parliaments having hundred thousands of members in linked (or federated) circles, empowering people to take charge of their immediate needs and resources. There are initiatives in other countries to replicate similar structures and to strengthen and revive neighborhood communities and their ability to improve their own living situation. This perspective will be explored in the course by Father Edwin John, United Nations recognized leader for his work in organizing more than 100,000 "neighborhood parliaments" in southern India that use sociocracy, is coming to Greenbelt, Maryland on 4/1, on his way to participate in events at the UN.

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23 May 2018 to 27 May 2018
Edwin Maria John Helder Valente
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