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Training Begins: Dinner on the night of Saturday, April 12, 2025

Training Ends: Certificate ceremony on the afternoon of Saturday, April 19, 2025, followed by optional dinner, party and “No Talent Show”. Participants are welcome (and encouraged!) to stay the night and there will be a breakfast the next morning as well.
We normally offer a sliding scale for this course, and ask participants to offer what they can pay. The scale is between €700-€1200 for this professional, certified training. Those who can afford to pay more on the higher end of the scale will help those who can only pay less. The sliding scale recognises the differences in economic reality depending on what country a participant comes from, as well as their individual circumstances, so this is a practical way that people with more resources can act in solidarity. We don’t offer reduced-fee work exchange options because this is an intense course, and we want every participant to be able to able to get the most out of it and not have to sacrifice learning because they can’t pay a certain amount.

If you want to propose a different price based on your economic situation, please share with us what you want to contribute and why you need support by applying HERE:
Course summary

Permaculture Teacher Training with Focus on Children (PTTC) is an international teachers training course offered in English, certified by the Permaculture Association of Britain, and organised by 12P Permaculture Design. The course is available to PDC holders from any country.

Join us for an intensive training that will provide you with an invaluable toolkit to use in the classroom, as well as life in general. The internationally-renowned teacher Rosemary (Rowe) Morrow’s training draws on her decades of permaculture teaching experience. Whether you are already a teacher, or thinking of becoming one, the PTTC makes teaching a transformative and fun exchange. Classrooms (indoor and outdoor) will never be the same again!

While this course has a specific focus in how to facilitate permaculture education for children, the PTTC is designed for anyone who wants to teach permaculture based on Rosemary’s participatory learning methods.

Certified teacher
Lusi Alderslowe, Rosemary Morrow, Starhawk
Apprentice teachers
No apprentice teacher places available on this course
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Teacher Training
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Face to face

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Carrer Purissima, Colonia Cal Vidal
08692 Puig-Reig

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alfred decker

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