Permaculture Plus

Advanced Design Skills
Summary information

What is it?
This day course will be an excellent opportunity to refresh your permaculture knowledge and practice applying it to any of the work and projects you are involved in. You will have a chance to work on your own designs and get feedback on them, and we will explore permaculture theory and practice deeper in a supportive group.

Who is it for?
This course is suitable for anyone who has attended a PDC. It will be useful to you if you are doing your permaculture diploma, thinking about doing the diploma, or if you simply want to improve the way you do things in your world-changing activities, however big or small they are.

Booking and further information
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£30 + share of venue cost
Dates and times
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Start 10am; Finish 4pm
26 October 2014
Tomas Remiarz

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