Permaculture earthworks and water harvesting, Jamaica

Advanced Design Skills
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Join us at Blue Paradise Farms in Jamaica for an Advanced Permaculture Earthworks course that will immerse you in the theory and application of Regenerative Earthworks and Passive Water Harvesting and Management. In this hands-on course, we will explore the interconnection between watersheds, soil, climate and seasonality, agro-forestry, agriculture and permaculture design as it pertains to earthworks.

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We will learn to link these concepts into a comprehensive regenerative strategy for the development of a permaculture site. Apply this knowledge in the development of an earthworks plan for the Blue Paradise Farms Permaculture site, of which we will layout key portions and begin to construct on site structures such as swales and a pond working with hand tools up to large machines.

This is an advanced Permaculture course that will allow you to further develop your theoretical understanding of the diverse field of Permaculture as well as offer you an opportunity to gain hands on experience.

Topics that we will cover in this course include:

  • Earthwork Strategies and Designs
  • Swales, Ponds, Key Line Design
  • Agro-Forestry / Ally Cropping / Food Forests
  • Water Harvesting & Drought Proofing
  • Broadscale Passive Harvesting
  • Path and Road design
  • Raingardens
  • Active Water Harvesting
  • Tanks, Ferro-cement & Conveyance
  • Earthwork Layout and Construction
  • Aquaculture, Ponds and Natural Pools
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7 December 2015 to 12 December 2015
Jeremiah Kidd & Sam Burnett
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