Permaculture Design Course - Auroville - India

(PDC) Permaculture Design Course
Summary information

Throughout these 72 hours, we will teach you how to identify relevant strategies in order to create a permaculture system.

You will also learn about the principles of regenerative design as well as concrete technics helping you to reach your ideal of sustainability and self-reliance.

During these 14 days we will talk about:
-Definition of permaculutre
-Permaculture ethics and principles
-Permaculture design tools and methodologies
-Patterns litteracy
-Climate and microclimates
-Understanding the soil
-Soil fertility management
-Water management: broadscale and small scale
-Grey water management
-How to start a permaculture kitchen garden
-How to create a food forest
-Cropping patterns and sustainable agriculture approches to food production
Food forest and plant guild
-Animals in permaculture systems
-Strategies for different climatic zones
-Appropriate technologies
-Natural building
-Urban permaculture
-Permaculture for the community
Of course, the theory will be blend with variety of hands on!
Finally, each student will have the opprtunity to put into practice the knowledge learnt and to design (in groups) a real property/farm/garden.

Main Facilitator: Martin Bastide
Martin has started is journey toward sustainability as an anthropologist, by sharing the life of the Mentawaian tribe, in the rain forest of Siberut. After working as a project manager for an organic rice-farming (SRI) project in Vietnam, he attended a PDC in Auroville.
Since then, he has been learning and practicing Permaculture by designing, developing and managing gardens and farms, teaching Permaculture Introduction Workshops (over 10 workshops), co-teaching PDC's (alongside Rico Zook and Govinda Sharma) and volunteering in various permaculture and organic farming projects in France, Brazil, Sri Lanka and in Auroville.
He is currently in charge of developping and managing the Terrasoul Community Farm 7acre farm.

Booking and further information
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Fees: Early Birds (untill the 1st of February): 20.000 INR
Dates and times
29 February 2016 to 13 March 2016
Martin Bastide
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